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The Maple Organic Mattress is made with natural and organic materials. We use GOLS Organic Certified Latex from Sri Lanka. Our wool is from Joma Wool based out of New Zealand. Our fabric is made in Canada by Fine Cotton who are one of the few certified manufacturers in Canada.

Needle Tufted by Hand

Maple Mattresses are made with distinctive soft needle tufted rosettes from organic wool. Needle tufting is an honoured technique dating back to the 17th century. The functionality of this method allows us to bind together the organic layers of our mattress without the use of toxic solvents or water-based adhesives.

Hybrid Mattress 1440 coils + 3 Zones

The Maple Mattress features a very durable and supportive pocket coil. Our pocket coil unit has 3 distinctive zoned supports. 1. An extra firm perimeter provides a strong seating area and prevents flattening. 2. Zoned Center support provides a firm center for a balanced support system. 3. The outer thirds provide a softer coil to allow sufficient support for shoulders and back sleepers.

Six Heavy Duty Handles

Six handles are adorned on the front and side panels of the mattress. They are neatly sewed and tucked in with our tape edge. Our handles will stay tucked in under sheets providing a tight fit. Moving or adjusting your Maple mattress is now hassle-free!


We have teamed up with Tree Canada who are the leading national tree-planting charity in Canada. As a non-profit organization, they are dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians by planting and nurturing trees while teaching their values. We are proud to be a part of this organization and contributing to the community.

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Our mattress is crafted and designed to help you get the sleep you deserve for years. We stand by our 20 year warranty.

Customer Review

We are in LOVE! We have been looking for a proper organic mattress forever, my husband and I have tried everything. We always had issues with the firmness, smell and overall feel of mattresses until we tried Maple.

Dorthy Edwards

I heard about Maple through a friend and I cannot go back to anything else now. I bought their mattress a few months ago and have now just purchased their topper to go with it. My sleep has been amazing ever since!

Kelsey Hawking

The pillow set was amazing, the cool thing about it was that I was able to take out some of the stuffing inside to make it to my exact feel and liking.

Jackson Smith

I have been having back pain for years and a hard time finding a good mattress. I heard about Maple so gave their queen size a try. I haven't slept this well in forever and I have now officially passed their sleeping trial, I am very satisfied and would 100% recommend.

Austin Dingwell

Our family does many road trips each summer and it was time to upgrade our mattress in the RV. So glad we made the switch because it looks so good inside and our family just loves it, it's just what we need after a long day!

Katherine Stone